Thinking of Revenge – New York here I come!


So I have been home from New York for a couple of weeks now.  Took me some time to get over that experience.

Quigley was all excited when I got back, wanted to hear all about my trip and the Big Apple. He is such a romantic, he is. Keeps singing New York, New York all the time, asking me about Woody Allen and Lady Gaga. I might have said something about hanging with them in Central Park. Why does he have such darn good memory for things like that when he can’t remember where MM is hiding the cat food?

Bottom line – It seems I also promised to take him there and show him around, and he has told all the cats around, so I can’t bail out of this one. Dang.

On the other hand, I like challenges. I think new york might be ready for another encounter with The Cat. Mwoahahaha!

We’ll be off tomorrow!


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