Hangover after the Convent.

hangtover cat


For every party there will be a hangover.  Old Chinese Crappy Proverb.

The Magick Convent is over and the back yard is an incredible mess. For a while it was a huge success and we had a blast. 200 cats from all over Europe in chartered buses, a milk fountain and cat food stalls all over the lawn. I read fortunes and Quigley lurked around looking unfathomable. The only disappointment was the magic people. They were very impredictable and difficult. Uri Geller wasn’t at all up to measure. He left heaps of cutlery laying around the garden.  This morning we discovered that the twit hadn’t even bothered to bend the spoons back! Quigley is out there doing it right now, before the Humans get back from their extended week-end.






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