Magick Convent in my back yard!


My human servants went away for the extended weekend, and I was left to try and fill up my time as best I could.        Which I did.

A free weekend means time to spend on honing my card reading skills.

I started googling for interesting conferences and fairs on soothsaying or magick in general. There was one in Salt Lake City, but I need a passport and my travel iron is broken, so I decided against it.

Instead Quigley came up with this totally unexpected and brilliant idea: We should make our own convention in the back yard! Then we can totally control the agenda, and keep the revenues!  We have posted flyers in the grocery store down the road, and Quigley is going to act as a Sandwich Man downtown. He just doesn’t know it yet.

There were unexpected difficulties in getting really good lecturers, though. It seems most of them are already booked up, especially when they realized how far north they need to go, and that this is a first time convention.  We are working on it: So far we’ve only got Uri Geller.


Uri Geller. Soon in our back yard.


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