Cartomancy for Cats. Now Easier than Ever!


Finally got the book I ordered. It was in the mailbox and I had to wrench Quigley’s paws away from the letter slot. I tell you, that cat gets more and more insolent every day. He doesn’t even do his own card reading research.

Anyways. I need to set down a few vital essentials on card interpreting.  I don’t really get everything in the book  – it’s all written from a human perspective and it’s really muddled. But so far I’ve got this:

King of Spades: Sinister neighbor tomcats, turf conflict, problems.

King of Clubs: Medium-sized stupid dogs, neutered overweight cats, minor troubles.

Queen of Hearts: Fair-haired lady, Virgin Mary, Holder of Friskies.

Queen of Diamonds: Female felines, abundance, calm, flight-impeded pigeons.

Jack of Spades:  Veterinarians, The Devil, dark forces in life, Dobermans.

It’s not complete, but it covers pretty much the everyday basics.

Tomorrow I’m going to get a snappy deck of cards.




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