Tools – my ass.



MM’s tool cabinet is still locked. Quigley and me  lurked around for quite some time trying to figure out where he keeps the new key. Until we realized the new one is a combination padlock!  He is so distrustful. He really should read more Karma books and put the combination and the Friskies Big Bag where I can find it.

Finally we realized we need to get tools someplace else. Having our very own tools gives a dimension of freedom and independence, I guess.


This is what we’ve come up with so far. Plus Quigley’s old chow bowl that we’re going to use as a hammer.

I tacked the picture of the gypsy Caravan to the bottom of the litter box today. This way I can scratch away the kitty litter sand every once in a while and look at it while peeing. It’s a matter of not losing track of your goals. I have a bad feeling this project is going to take some time.


Goal: A Classy Gypsy Caravan


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