Gathering material for my project



Ok, so I got the wood, all set in the back yard. Quigley helped me drag them home yesterday. Then we waited until Master Moron drove away to do some shopping, and went to loot his tool cabinet. I went through his pockets while he was sleeping a few months ago and got the tool cabinet key, some dirty earplugs and some gum that I sucked on and put back. I never really liked spearemint. So we really thought we had it made. MM has a really extensive tool supply back there: wrenches and crowbars and power drills and you name it. Quigley and I were going to split them between us. I had first dibs on the Power Tools, though.  But would you believe it! That stupid, stupid human had changed the bloody lock!

I was furious. I’m so going to pee in his shoes.



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