I’m hitting the road!



Lone in the rain. But free!

I was sitting here on the front steps thinking, and this was what I came up with:

My life is far too stationary. Spring is here any minute now and I really should make some major changes. I talked to my friend Quigley, and he was all in on it too.

We are going to build ourself a gypsy caravan and travel the world. That is, one caravan each, because I positively couldn’t stand living with Quigley for long, even if he is a nice fella.

I started out googling “cat caravan” for blueprints. This is what I got:


Are you kidding me?  Do I look like I would roam the world, free and reckless,  in a pistachio piece of Tupperware?

I was thinking more:


or maybe


or, perchance



Some style and class, yet comfortable.

Since I’m building it myself I’m leaning towards the last option. A Vardo gypsy caravan. Classy and possibly a tad easier to build since I don’t really know how to weld.  Also, my metal supply doesn’t  go beyond sardine tins and beer cans and it might not be sturdy enough. Another plus with the gypsy alternative is being able to fund my travels reading palms or cards. I will look into it and keep you all posted.



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